Octopus experts

We are producers of frozen cephalopods, mainly Octopus and Pacific Giant Squid. We also commercialize the best selection of seafood from the five continents

Tradition and Quality

Since 1968 producing and distributing the best frozen seafood products. Experience and know-how that guarantees quality product to our customers

Growing with our clients

We have the confidence of the retail, wholesale, and distribution industry in more than 30 countries

Growing with our suppliers

We strive to build solid and lasting relationships with our suppliers, based on trust and value

Competitive and flexible offer

We develop products and offer solutions adapted to meet each client’s needs

Our products

Our brands



FESBA obtains three ARDAN 2020 indicators

FESBA obtains three ARDAN 2020 indicators

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Octopus / squid salad

Check out the recipe of a fresh summer octopus or squid salad

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