FESBA obtains three ARDAN 2020 indicators

Wealth Generating Company
High Productivity Company
Global Company.

The Consortium of the Vigo Free Zone, through its Business Information Service ARDÁN, has been preparing the indicators of Good Business Practices since 1995. This line of work is developed under the protection of the ARDÁN Chair of the University of Vigo and aims to identify and value business excellence in Galicia.

Each of the indicators measures the performance of companies in factors related to the ability to compete.
Of the 34,000 companies analyzed, only 5% achieved 1 or more ARDÁN indicators.

As the delegate of the Consortium, David Regades, has underlined, «these diplomas that we send are a recognition to all those companies that stand out for their good work, so much so that the 5% of companies that obtain indicators is the one that creates 51% of the total wealth of the Galician business fabric and, furthermore, that which creates no less than one in five jobs in Galicia “